BEGO Regeneration line - The essence of nature in expert hands

BEGO Regeneration line - The essence of nature in expert hands

The melodious and wonderfully expansive name of our new regenerative product line naturesQue is based on the French adjective naturalesque and means a faithful recreation of nature and being as true as possible to the natural details.

The name naturesQue is for us an expression of our respect for the exceptional abilities and fantastic mechanisms seen in nature and for the skill of modern science and technology to use these properties to produce exceptional medical devices. These are the cornerstones of the new naturesQue product line. The naturesQue regenerative materials combine the strengths of the natural origin of the material with scientific and clinical expertise for tissue regeneration.

Xenogeneic bone substitute materials

The exceptional ability of bone tissue to regenerate is fascinating. This complex tissue heals almost without forming scars and recovers its original structure and functionality. The jumping distance that osteoblasts can bridge and the dimensions of the critical size defects that are used in study models impressively demonstrate not the limits but rather the potential of bone for regeneration.

The essential factors for bone regeneration are an adequate blood supply, mechanical support in the form of a guiding structure, and rest. Bone substitute materials are used for the regeneration of bone where the human body is not able to heal the bones itself. Along with the requirements 10 for an ideal bone substitute material, it is a generally accepted paradigm that bone substitute materials should mimic human cancellous bone as closely as possible.

The natural origin of xenogeneic bone substitute material gives it an optimal design. Porosity, pore distribution, and pore size correspond largely to those of human bone and are suitable to achieve bone formation, maturation, and remodeling. However, the purification of animal bone leads to a reduction in mechanical strength and biological potency, because cells and proteins have to be removed to eliminate the risk of transmitting disease and of rejection.

The xenohybrid bone substitute material naturesQue SemOss B is one of the new generation of regenerative nature-based regeneration materials. The combination of different material classes compensates for the limitations of the individual elements and amplifies their positive properties.

The established inorganic bone mineral naturesQue MaxOss P is obtained from porcine cancellous bone. The matrix is very porous and also provides ample space for new bone apposition and the remodeling processes during bone maturation.

In the area of bone substitute materials, naturesQue has two products:

  1.  an innovative xenohybrid bone substitute material derived from bovine bone, coated with a co-polymer mix and collagen fragments and
  2.  an established xenogeneic bone substitute material derived from porcine cancellous bone

naturesQue SemOss B – xenohybrid bovine bone substitute material

Xenohybrid bovine bone substitute material with a coating of a co-polymer mix and collagen fragments. This combination produces a resorbable bone substitute material. To apply the material, the granules are moistened with blood so that the positive properties of the coating can develop effectively.

Structure and design

naturesQue MaxOss P – xenogeneic porcine bone substitute material

Obtained from porcine cancellous bone, the purified bone matrix has a mineral composition and structure that very closely resembles that of human bone. naturesQue MaxOss P is made up of highly porous granules that act as a framework for bone formation.

Scanning electron microscopy image of naturesQue MaxOss P

Xenogeneic collagen products

Collagen is highly conserved throughout evolution, meaning that xenogeneic collagen is very similar to that of humans and generally tolerated exceptionally well. Along with the donor species and the tissue used, there are a number of other factors that are critical for the properties of collagenous medical devices, with the procedures used during harvesting playing a role in which characteristics are highlighted in the product. Modern medicine is inconceivable without collagens and their use is one of many important therapeutic concepts.

Fibrillar collagens are proteins with a high tensile strength that are essential for structure formation and biomechanics in tissues. Collagen has positive effects in healing. In the early phases, it has intrinsic hemostatic properties while also being able to absorb large volumes of fluid, thus helping to create a moist wound environment that encourages healing.

In the area of collagen products, naturesQue has three products:

  1.  a stable porcine barrier membrane to protect the augmentation material,
  2.  microfibrillar bovine collagen that forms a highly viscous gel after exudate uptake and has intrinsic hemostatic properties,
  3.  a porcine collagen fleece that retains its 3D structure and stabilizes the blood clot

naturesQue ColTect P – xenogeneic porcine barrier membrane

Assuming that the clinical requirements for a barrier membrane are satisfied, individual preferences for the handling properties play a major role in the choice of collagen membrane. The easy handling of naturesQue ColTect P enables diverse applications in therapeutic concepts that include the use of regenerative measures.

Scanning electron microscopy image of naturesQue ColTect P

naturesQue ColAid B – xenogeneic bovine collagen microfibrils

When applied as microfibrils the bovine collagen of naturesQue ColAid B has an extremely diverse range of uses. naturesQue ColAid B has the familiar intrinsic hemostatic properties of collagen and can be used to manage various indications. These include dental wounds and ulcers (not infected) and periodontal, surgical, and traumatic wounds.

naturesQue ColAid P – xenogeneic porcine collagen fleece

The formation of a stable blood clot is important for wound healing. When an open-pored collagen sponge is used, the outstanding hemostatic properties of collagen are at the forefront. Modern collagen sponges act as an initial matrix for tissue healing over the course of healing. The blood clot is stabilized in the defect and the subsequent steps in wound healing can proceed undisturbed.

Collagen sponge

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